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Our Mission
Alzheimer's disease is a very difficult disease to treat, and the field is crowded with companies hoping to see success with their treatments. Pentara Corporation specializes in Alzheimer's disease clinical study design and efficacy analysis with at least 95% of Pentara's business restricted to the planning and implementation of efficacy analyses in Alzheimer's disease. The reason for this highly specialized approach is that Pentara is a small company, and the field of Alzheimer's disease is progressing rapidly in terms of measurement of disease, population selection and efficacy analysis. In order to be the very best at what we do, we have restricted ourselves to a field in which we can be on the cutting edge and offer our customers the reassurance that at the end of their clinical trial -- whether it fails or succeeds -- they don't have to question whether they have measured the right outcomes and analyzed them in the best way. We want them to be able to present results to outside audiences in a compelling way in order to move forward with confidence that decisions have been based on solid scientific evidence.
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